Another Stitch in Time


Welcome to my new blog, Wicked Twists. Here it’s all yarn all the time. You’ll be seeing lots of knitting and crocheting and reading all about my love affair with yarn. All the knots and twists of loving the textile arts. This is where, if you don’t watch out and sit still long enough, you’ll be yarn-bombed. Just go with it. So, grab your favorite hot beverage (or your beverage of choice) and let’s begin, shall we?

A couple of months ago I was doing a search on Ravelry for spiral jackets/vests and came across a Ravelry user named Nadia Fuad who had designed a wearable mandala. I was looking for something for a very dear friend of mine who had sent a link to a spiral jacket that she liked. When I saw Nadia’s vest I knew it was exactly what I was looking for because my friend also likes mandalas. Best of all, the pattern was free. But its crochet. I am not overly fond of crochet but after crocheting about 20 mermaid tail blankets last year I ended up getting hooked back into it. (Pun intended.) Except…I am now not overly fond of the crocodile/scale stitch.

So, there I am looking at this gorgeous pattern and thinking about all that crochet. It looked difficult but Nadia figured that out. She made a video. Then she added that a good substitute would be yarn with long color sections. Then I went to Walmart and found Bernat Pop! cakes. And one trip to Joann’s Fabrics & Crafts where there was a sale on Premier Yarns Sweet Roll cakes set me up nicely. I left Joann’s with eight Sweet Roll cakes: four in Frosty Swirl and four in Cappuccino Swirl. I left Walmart with 4 Bernat Pop! cakes in Paisley Pop.

I started with the Frosty Swirl. You guys…I have never loved a pattern more completely. Its quick, easily adjustable, fun, and did I mention how quick it was? Nadia’s video explained every detail and she was clear and went over how to crochet each round. I finished the vest in less than a full week. It is so pretty. I washed it and hung it up and then kept it hung up because it was just so pretty. But I knew I couldn’t keep it (and because it was for one of my favorite people) so down it came and got wrapped up. Yesterday I got to give it to my friend whose face Lit. Up. when she saw it. I don’t think she just loved it, I think she adored it. And it suits her completely.

Then I made another.

Bernat Pop! in Paisley Pop edged in black makes a stunning mandala vest/jacket. And I’ve got another on the hook in Bernat Pop! Planetary. I don’t think you can make this mandala in any way that isn’t stunning. The one in the pic and on the hook is going to another friend who lives in Oklahoma. Because we both know her daughter will steal one. LoL

So, there ya go. Post one is done.

I truly hope you’ve had a wonderful day and if its been less than stellar tomorrow is another day in which to try again!

Fuzzy hugs and soft kisses my friends!

❤ Jesi

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