I’ll Be Crafting On a Cloudy Afternoon

It’s not a Sunday and I’m certainly not lazing around. It is cloudy and chilly, however, which makes it a perfect day for me. Fall is my favorite season. The scent of wood smoke from fireplaces, the crunch of the leaves, and gravity playing its favorite game of Acorn Thumping. Add in all the colors, the holiday season approaching, and the simple coziness of home and I am happy as it gets. Chilly cloudy weather always makes me feel better too. I suffer with seasonal allergies so bad that I spend spring and summer miserable, and the heat doesn’t help. With autumn comes relief. Also, I get to wear my boots! What’s not to like?

It’s also great for baking and filling the house with delicious smells that make your mouth water. Exactly what I’ve been doing the last two days. Yesterday I made a Herbed Peasant Bread. (Click for recipe link)

Today I’ve made Honey Spice Bread with roasted almonds on top (my addition to the recipe) and it will be topped with a cream cheese and butter glaze (your typical powdered sugar glaze but add cream cheese and butter)

And I made Batter Bread with Spiced Honey Butter (my recipe)

Unfortunately the batter bread did not turn out quite as expected. But I know what went wrong and can fix it the next time. It tastes delicious by the way, especially with the honey butter.

I’m also making homemade cinnamon rolls but am currently waiting on the dough to rise. While I do that I am finishing up the other mandala vest I have been working on. It’s looking fantastic and the colors are really lovely.

And here are the pics from the blue mandala vest I made for my friend. She’s loving it very much because of the chilly weather here.

And that’s my day in a nutshell. How is your Wednesday going?

❤ Jesi

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  1. Lizzi says:

    I have to say, I am LOVING the mandala…and alao the pics of your baking. 💝💝💝

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    1. Jesi Scott says:

      Thank you. I don’t bake often but when I do I get stuck on it until it wears itself out. LoL Currently I’m apparently obsessed with bread but I was looking at how to make Royal Icing for sugar cookies today so….

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      1. Lizzi says:

        Oh WOW! Sounds amazing

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      2. Jesi Scott says:

        LoL Royal Icing is just a type of icing used to decorate sugar cookies and cupcakes. Things like that. LoL So basically I’m getting ready to make cookies. 🙂

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      3. Lizzi says:

        AWESOMEEE! We went to a vegan bakery today and bought a LOT of cake…with vegan frostings. So we are all the happy over here.

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